The Feast That Is Fall

Fall Season

Fall is in the Air Here in New Orleans, as in other areas in the southern hemisphere of the United States, the fall season kicks off a veritable feast of festivals that praise and celebrate our acclaimed food, arts and musical culture. Our sultry summer weather slowly gives up its soupy pot-au-feu humidity to a […]

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Autumnal Inspiration


\”Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.\” Albert Camus I love the notion of autumn leaves as flowers and the thought of this time of year as a second spring. It is such an inspiring time when new visions and ideas come to life after long, sunny days of summer give

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In The Wake Of Summer

end of summer

What did you do on your summer vacation? That was the first question we were asked when returning to school as kids. I doubt that is much different these days. Most everyone loves summer and the joys of long days, water activities and the all-around juiciness of the season. That includes all the amazing fruit

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Summer Inspires Stories

Summer stories

Long, lazy days, soft, warm breezes, and adventures beckon. The music of children laughing and waves breaking on the shore. The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs and fresh-shucked corn sizzling on the grill. In our neck of the woods you’re likely to be enticed by the aroma of crab and shrimp boils. Summer is

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The In-Between Times


If you are at all like me, I bet you love starting something new.

You get inspired to begin something and you feel charged up and raring to go! I’ve discovered in my work that we humans tend to love new beginnings. And, we also love getting to the finish line. But the in-between? Oh no. That’s the part we are not so fond of.

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The Springtime Of Healing


Life is an endless series of stories weaving and unweaving the very web of life as the vast collective unconscious. Your story, my story, all stories. Each life is an amazing story filled with heart-break and ecstasy, sadness and tenderness. Spring is the season that tells the story of rebirth, resilience and vibrancy that keeps

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