The In-Between Times


If you are at all like me, I bet you love starting something new.

You get inspired to begin something and you feel charged up and raring to go! I’ve discovered in my work that we humans tend to love new beginnings. And, we also love getting to the finish line. But the in-between? Oh no. That’s the part we are not so fond of.

The Middle Is The Juicy Part

Now, what if you could change your mind about the middle part and were to get excited to move beyond the beginning to the middle? What if you could convince yourself that this is where it starts to get really good, really juicy? That just might help you continue to build momentum and stay highly motivated.

Many people begin new projects, new diets, new jobs and launch into their adult lives at this time of year. College graduates are just stepping into their lives. Many may have secured jobs and are excited about getting started. And, let me not forget that wedding season is coming up and many couples are getting ready to start their lives together and build families. Now, that is one endeavor that requires long-term momentum and motivation! Marriage is pretty much all about the middle part.

The Middle Is Where The Magic Happens

New beginnings make us forget that most of our lives are about the challenging in-between times. It is how we go about the daily small tasks that take us to our goals. If we are starting a diet for instance, we are gung-ho for a few days, maybe a week. Then slowly, boredom starts to set in. We start to focus on the tedium of the diet. We decide we’re not losing weight fast enough. We lose sight of why we started the diet. And we totally lose touch with the end result we wanted to achieve.

This is the most important part. This is where winners and losers are separated. The middle is where we find out what we’re really made of and how passionately we want what we set out to achieve – yes, at the exciting beginning.

So, what if, when you notice the boredom starting, instead of going with it, what if you suddenly got excited and said, “This is what I’ve been waiting for!” “This is what I really want to change!” Then, remind yourself of your goal and see this as a new beginning. Get excited all over again. Remind yourself why you started and ask yourself if you really do still want what you thought you wanted. If the answer is “yes”, then relaunch your desire with greater passion.

Set Up A Series Of New Beginnings

If you approached each hurdle that comes up along your path from the beginning as an opportunity to re-launch, everyday could be the first day of your new diet, your new project, your new job, your new marriage! Just imagine the excitement that could build if every day was actually the “first day”. Would boredom ever have a chance to grow roots and prevent you from moving forward? I bet not! Give it a shot, and let me know how your experiment of turning the in-between times into a series of new beginnings!

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