The Springtime Of Healing


Life is an endless series of stories weaving and unweaving the very web of life as the vast collective unconscious.

Your story, my story, all stories. Each life is an amazing story filled with heart-break and ecstasy, sadness and tenderness. Spring is the season that tells the story of rebirth, resilience and vibrancy that keeps us motivated to continue on in our journey.

The Season Of The Heart

When we begin to see the signs of spring after a long winter, something inside of us starts to come alive like a seed. Our heart begins to beat with a new excitement. Suddenly everything feels new again.

Whatever bleakness or sadness one might be carrying in their heart surely dissolves in the aliveness of spring. Spring is a reminder of the true resilience of the spirit. We breathe this new life in with each and every breath. And before you know it, you’ve forgotten your sadness and have started to pursue a new vision. It’s funny how that works, and so endlessly utterly amazing!

Maybe you’ve fallen in love and are developing a new relationship. Perhaps you’ve started a new job or embarked on a new course of study. No matter what has sparked this new passion, it is a sure sign that the heart is alive and well. It is the beginning of a new story weaving itself as your life. It is an act of healing and regeneration.

A Time To Rediscover What Gives You Vibrancy

As each person goes through life there are hundreds, no, thousands of ups and downs, hills and valleys, highs and lows! We navigate them as best we can. We remember the ones that give our lives depth and meaning, and we let go of the experiences that we would rather forget. Truth is though, every experience contributes to the whole of our lives. None is without meaning. There are just those that we would rather forget. The ones we are not proud of. But in the long run, no one is judging. So, proud or not proud has no bearing.

We are given, over and over again, the opportunity to discover what gives our lives vibrancy, meaning and motivation. All you have to do is pose the question: What gives my life its greatest vibrancy, what gives my life passion? Sit with these questions for any length of time and you will feel like spring is coming to life inside your body! New ideas will sprout, new visions will emerge. You will keep on keeping on!

Share Your Story And Your Love For Life

With each new little spiritual rebirth our lives become enriched. We have stories to share of how we faced our challenges and overcame them. We have opportunities to tell others that we love them and opportunities to praise the ones we love.

It’s springtime! Let’s share our love and our victories as easily as the birds sing their songs with all their might. Let’s add our voices and our energies to the web of life. It’s so necessary. And each and every story has meaning. Yes, even yours!

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