Summer Inspires Stories

Summer stories

Long, lazy days, soft, warm breezes, and adventures beckon.

The music of children laughing and waves breaking on the shore. The smell of hamburgers and hot dogs and fresh-shucked corn sizzling on the grill.

In our neck of the woods you’re likely to be enticed by the aroma of crab and shrimp boils. Summer is the time we feast on piles of fresh caught crabs and shrimp boiled and tossed across the picnic table on newspaper.

The unhurried pace, the tinkling of ice-cold glasses filled with lemonade and sweet tea. This is summertime pretty much wherever you live. If it’s not waves breaking on the ocean shore, it’s the scent of sunscreen and the sound of kids splashing in pools and lakes across the country.

The Freedom Of Summer

Summer is truly an inspiring time of year. Between the lushness and bounty of Mother Nature the excitement of being able to spend hours outside soaking up the sunshine (with sunscreen of course) and staying outside deep into the night is a true luxury. Outdoor concerts and festivals abound. Alfresco dining becomes the norm whether it’s your favorite restaurant, a picnic, dinner party or cocktail party. Summer is about being outside, being out of the confines of man-made walls.

Summer gives way to days that are less structured. A certain sense of freedom fills the soul with joy. Kids don’t have to go to school. Many kids head off to summer camp where they may stay up late into the gentle nights sitting around camp fires making s’mores and competing with each other to see who can tell the scariest stories.

Many adults get to go on vacation during the summer months. Whether it’s a stay-at-home adventure, a visit to relatives who live in another state or a totally exotic vacation to an unexplored destination, summer provides a delicious freedom from the daily routine.

Summer Is Filled With The Promise Of Possibilities

While it never seems long enough for people who live in the Northeast or the Midwest, summer is the season that feels bigger than life and brimming with possibilities. The long days and blanket-soft nights of summer seem to vibrate with promise and wonder. What will this summer bring? Will it bring a new romance? A new opportunity? A new life-long friend? A new perspective? A new spiritual awakening? Anything is possible when the mind, body and soul are relaxed. And summer is all about relaxing and opening up to the possibilities.

Starry Story Nights

For adults of every age, summer evokes so many cherished memories. Each new summer adds to the treasure trove of stories. Spending time in the expanse of the great outdoors gives our hearts and minds space to soar. How many stories of yours begin with, “Remember that summer when…”? Our love of stories is often born and nurtured as a result of some summertime adventure. Even though we are also accustomed to children whining about summer being so long and boring, that memory also gets stored as something to cherish. As a parent or grandparent you may hear yourself saying to a friend, “Remember when the kids used to think that summer was boring?” That is merely a phase that some kids go through. At the end of the day, summer is the quintessential season. And it all begins in the glorious month of June! May your summer be filled with wonderful adventures and possibilities.

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