What Future Do You See?

the future

These days I hear more and more people talking about how much they fear the future. Yes, we are living in uncertain times, but all times are truly uncertain. However, what many people don’t understand – even though Franklin D. Roosevelt knew it when he gave his inaugural address in 1932 as the world teetered […]

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Where Gratitude Begins


I believe that gratitude begins with story. I also believe that story begins with connection. That connection begins with experiences. For instance, I experience myself. I experience others. I experience something going on around me that involves other beings. These things that happen makes me smile, laugh, cry, shout, scream. Then I experience something warm

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A Story Of Gratitude


Who doesn’t love a good story? I don’t know a soul who doesn’t get drawn into a well-told tale. I am so grateful for the stories I listened to carefully while growing up and for the wonder those stories created in me. I am so grateful for the friends and family members I share my

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Spring Forward

Spring forward

Entering into daylight savings time as we anticipate the arrival of Spring generates hopefulness. Even before the weather settles down, we get to experience a period of extended light in the form of longer days. The reminder to set our clocks an hour ahead captured in the expression, “spring forward,” elicits a sense of joyfulness.

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Consciously Engage In Loving Behaviors To Make The World A Better Place


Love – it’s what “makes the world go ‘round.” It’s something everyone longs for and thinks they will never find. Romantic love can be glorious, messy, challenging, and sometimes downright dangerous. As we focus on love this month, I would like to turn your attention to you and how you love yourself and the world

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Story Lives On


We humans are weaned on stories. Parents read stories to their children practically from birth. They also tell their children stories about their families and what life was like before the child entered into this world, we call life. What we forget or never become fully aware of is that each individual represents a story

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