The Feast That Is Fall

Fall Season

Fall is in the Air

Here in New Orleans, as in other areas in the southern hemisphere of the United States, the fall season kicks off a veritable feast of festivals that praise and celebrate our acclaimed food, arts and musical culture. Our sultry summer weather slowly gives up its soupy pot-au-feu humidity to a more tolerable and enlivening dryness that comes across as cool. Senses are heightened. Hearts expand. Stories swirl in the air along with the music as oysters get shucked and slurped, gumbo gets stirred, jambalaya gets spiced and freshly fried beignets get buried in a thick layer of powdered sugar.

The Change Of Season

Fall. It is that time of year, that change that occurs before, in some areas, all of nature goes silent and still. Where all growth slows down and almost appears to die, to go completely lifeless. This change of season crackles with excitement and energy all across our great country. In the northern part of the country the vibrantly colorful display of autumn leaves is thrilling to behold. The harvest of autumn fruits and vegetables begins to appear in the stores and pumpkin spice fills the air at coffee shops, bakeries and homes everywhere.

A Last Hurrah Or A Brand New Love Affair

This season is like the last hurrah before we settle in and cozy up to the dead of winter. It’s like the beginning of the most exciting love affair. And it happens year-after-year always with that feeling of crisp freshness and newness that never gets old.

The Way Of Life

Isn’t that the way of life too? Just when boredom begins to feel like it is setting up permanent residence in your life, something happens to shake it loose, to fire you up, to give you the courage to try something new. Perhaps you’ll spontaneously take a different route to work or say yes to someone you always say no to! We experience individual, personal seasonal changes within the existing defined four seasons. Our springtime could begin mid-winter as a new promotion or job offer. The more we awaken to the feast of life even when things appear to be less than ideal, the more we are graced with even more gifts.

A Change Of Season Invites A Change Of Story

What’s your story? Is it one of complaint and perceived hardship? Is it a story that finds fault with others or one in which you attempt to discover your part in whatever drama is unfolding? Our lives are the fulfilling of our imaginings. Change your thoughts, change the things you are thinking about and write a different story. Make your story crackle with love, kindness and generosity of spirit. Dwell on this new story often until it permeates your being as completely as the scent of pumpkin spice permeates the autumn air. Make it your personal feast.

Put A New Spring In Your Step This Fall

Take a leap, a new risk (nothing too dangerous!) do something different. It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or death defying. But it will serve you well if it is something that makes you a bit uncomfortable. Comfort zones can become prisons of paralysis. So, feeling uncomfortable can also feel exciting. Make up a story you can live with and live it. Fall in love with yourself this fall and every year here-after.

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