Athena, Tudor, and the Eagle

Athena saw it happen!

Athena and Tudor have been outside, reading through the family history book. Then the eagle showed up. Before Athena could bark, the eagle swooped down, grabbed the book, and soared away. Now it’s up to Athena to find the book and bring it back home. The only problem is that the eagle carried it deep into the woods, where it’s dark, cold, and full of creepy pests… Athena, Tudor and the Eagle is a story about the sensitivity and loyalty of a family dog who learns what it means to be courageous despite fear.

Abby is about to have the most magical summer ever. After leaving the city to spend a few weeks in her Grandmother’s treehouse, Abby and her friends discover just how special nature can be when they make some unexpected friends-Bees!

Athena used to love going to the dog park, playing fetch and chasing birds. Then Brutus showed up and started bullying Athena and her friends.

Now in FRENCH!
Athena used to love going to the dog park, playing fetch and chasing birds. Then Brutus showed up and started bullying Athena and her friends.

Leo is a playful puppy who enjoys experiencing the world around him. Leo loves to laugh, play with his toys, and spend time with the people he loves. More importantly, he loves to discover new things! Luckily for Leo, it’s a great, big world filled with all kinds of lessons to learn. Even better, he has a bunch of wonderful friends by his side to help him along the way!

Life often reveals itself in ways we would not choose. Yet in those devastating times, the resilience of the human spirit has the opportunity to shine. It is in those moments that Grace comes to weave the fabric we call life. Herein are the stories told in letters to my friend.

In February 1892, Alfred Clay mobilized an army of progressive-mindedcitizens of New Orleans to wage “war against all the enemies of little children.” Patterned after child-advocacy movements in England and thenortheastern United States the group incorporated as The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (LSPCC), and saved thousands ofchildren from poverty, abuse, and delinquency.

There have been countless books written on Success. The word success implies a desirable outcome from someone’s actions. As we know, success is the satisfaction we receive from attaining our goals. . . and most of us have different goals.

Enjoying a successful achievement is only the first stage in the desire to master success. The term Success Mastery conjures up the thought that an individual can enjoy a repeatable success at will – proving it was not an isolated incident, but predictably achieved.


You have to be quick to beat Larry King to the punch with a question. His life and livelihood has been based on questions. He worked his way up as an unknown quantity from Brooklyn, NY to become one of the best-known interviewers of high-profile public figures in the world.