Spring Shows Us How To Really Make An Entrance


Spring is the season that literally bursts onto the scene.

It makes quite an entrance so to speak! With its vivid and various shades of greens. I mean, really, when you look around it’s hard to believe there could be so many different ‘greens’. They are so subtle and difficult to describe.

Blossoming trees in shades of pink and purple, lavender and lilac, yellows and reds enliven the air with color and luscious scents. There’s no real fanfare, just a sense of excitement as the temperatures get a little warmer and the tiny buds start to appear on barren branches. The silence is alive with joyous anticipation of what’s to come. Then there are the butterflies and birds. Oh the birds! The mockingbirds and mourning doves, the cardinals and the crows and the flocks of grazing ibis all so busy chirping, singing, winging on the energy of the coming season.

Imagine for a moment that your life is moving into an eternal springtime.

Imagine that something is about to burst into being through you. A new vision of what you want your life to be is about to make an entrance. Can you feel the excitement growing inside you? Can you feel your heart flutter and maybe even skip a bit in anticipation? What is that vision? Can you see it, and can you sense the way you feel when it comes into being?

Step outside of what feels familiar and envision some new and fascinating experience, you know the one I’m talking about, the one that has been urging you along for as long as you can remember. Take a lesson from the spring season. No fanfare is necessary, simply step into the experience you’ve been dreaming.

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