In The Wake Of Summer

end of summer

What did you do on your summer vacation?

That was the first question we were asked when returning to school as kids. I doubt that is much different these days. Most everyone loves summer and the joys of long days, water activities and the all-around juiciness of the season. That includes all the amazing fruit that comes ripe during the summer from peaches and melons to the most colorful array of berries.

Summer Sensations

So, I ask, is the taste of sweet, juicy watermelon still on your lips? Do you still feel the hot sun on your bare skin and the contrasting coolness as you dive into the pool, the lake or the ocean? Did your heart love the relaxing, carefree days without schedules, without obligations? Of course it did!

Did you send the kids off to camp, so you were able to enjoy adult activities without distraction? Did you take the family on an exotic vacation? What are the most vivid memories from the summer? Are there memories you’ll cherish forever?

Play It Forward

Even though those glorious long summer days are slipping away, there may be a few more beach weekends and cookouts scheduled before the summer swimsuits, surfboards and paddleboards are put away. Are there things you experienced or perhaps things you learned about yourself while playing this summer that you can take into your professional life or your student life?

A Personal Experience

For instance, this summer I cruised the Ionian Sea with my son. There were days in which nothing interrupted the view from the ship to the horizon in any direction except the singular wake that trailed for a mile or more behind us. I was mesmerized by the length of the wake and the different colors that churned close and how the colors deepened the further away we moved. This made me wonder about the wake individuals make as we move about in our lives. Do we leave those we meet mesmerized due to the beauty of our interactions or do we leave others terrorized? Or are we simply forgotten? Out of sight, out of mind.

Now, as I move about in my life, I am more aware of the movement of energy that occurs between each and every individual I come into contact with. I am also more aware of the energy of others whether we are making contact or not. I would like to carry this memory of the wake into all of my interactions so that I am more mindful of my wake.

Your Summer Wake

Now, it’s your turn. What was your most memorable experience this summer? Did you pet sit and fall in love with someone else’s pet? Did you fall in love for the first time or in a way that makes it feel like the first time? Was that love returned? Were you called upon to rise to a particularly difficult situation? What was your summer ‘wake’? I’d love to hear about it if you feel like sharing.

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