Inspired By The In-Between Time


I have always found late August to be such a fascinating time of year as summer draws to a close and kids return to school.

It’s hard to miss the distinctive lull in the collective energy as the transition from the comings and goings of summer merge with the more focused and intense energy of the fall season.

During this in-between time, vivid summer memories still linger.

The tantalizing scent of sunscreen and sea water seduce the brain into thinking how wonderful it would be if summer never ended. Yet the pull of the unknown also begins to slowly exert itself into drawing the mind’s attention forward, anticipating the future.

Soon carefree summer adventures will recede in the face of exciting studies, intellectual and professional challenges. Who knows what stimulating projects are likely to open new horizons for the imagination to explore?

The Eternal Cycle

It is the eternal cycle of “when one door closes another opens,” as Alexander Graham Bell so articulately stated. We are continually beckoned to expansion no matter how strongly we long to remain in the glow of a particular time and place.

As cooler temperatures cause Mother Nature to slow her growth cycle, the human mind experiences an opposite effect. It tends to speed up, inspired by the chill in the air and the vibrant colors of the fall season.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer full of memories you’ll cherish. And I pray that you move into the future with open arms, ready to embrace the unknown and to unravel the mysteries and challenges that are designed to help you unfold beautifully into the next chapter of your life.

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