Weathering The Volatility Of Change


Spring is in the air, and then, it’s not!

Winter is back. This is the volatile nature of the weather as we move from winter into spring. We can find that same chaotic volatility in our own human nature when we attempt to make deep and lasting changes. It’s not typically an easy task.

An invitation to change is often issued internally by the soul, our deepest nature.

However, often change is dictated from external sources in your career or relationships. Many people either don’t recognize an invitation to change until they are “hit on the head” with it. Far too often we humans have to be confronted with some tragic event to open our eyes to the necessity of changing our behaviors. But, even for those who make conscious efforts to change, our old habits tend to dig in their heels resisting and rebelling against the desired change. Thus the expression, “Old habits die hard”. But, if you keep at it, the persistent, repeated efforts pay off.

Once a new habit takes root, you may begin to notice that other people around you seem changed too.

It is true that as we change the world around us changes. Our energy changes and therefore begins to attract kindred energy. So as we change from fear to love, we attract more loving people and experiences into our life.

I find the change of seasons an inspiring time to look within and determine if there are things in my life that could use cleaning up, refreshing, or need an out-and-out overhaul. I invite you to do a little spring cleaning in your own life too. By the time the gentle spring weather arrives as a steady stream of gorgeous days, your own heart and mind may be aligned to the newness of your desire as well.

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