Story Lives On


We humans are weaned on stories.

Parents read stories to their children practically from birth. They also tell their children stories about their families and what life was like before the child entered into this world, we call life. What we forget or never become fully aware of is that each individual represents a story unto itself.

Every personal story is filled from beginning to end with twists and turns, adventure, excitement, thrills, spills, heartbreaks, loves, losses, gains and times of delightful calm. Some people leave this earth with their stories buried deep within. So many stories go untold.

I appreciated and realized the healing power of story early in my life’s journey.

This awareness to listen and share stories grew into a desire to learn and hear more. Every time I met a new acquaintance, I could hardly wait to hear their personal story, I witnessed more vitality coming from their joy to share what was dear to them. The more I listened the more I came to observe the vibrancy that lived within the story. There existed value in each story waiting to be told as well as the need of those stories to find a listener.

Time has taught me the significance and treasure of stories waiting for the right venue to share.

Stories have a life of their own, waiting patiently for the proper vessel of expression. There are other people, not at the end of their life wanting to give voice to their story. Stories all filled with the passion to help humanity on some conscious and unconscious level. Being able to share one’s story with another living mortal often serves as a vehicle to heal another individual. This sharing allows one the opportunity to voice his or her life’s insights into love and regrets, understandings and sincere sorrows.

It is in those times when death brings its awareness to us that we feel the urgency to give voice to the narrative waiting for expression. The individual that contemplates their departure from this life, awakens fully to the value of expressing that which is silent. Our lives are amazing stories. I have seen so many people imprisoned in the suffering of not finding the opportunity to give voice to their personal storyline. I have witnessed the joy and satisfaction of others relieved and peaceful once they found a receptive listener.

Telling your story is a gift and listening to another person’s story is also a gift.

Being in a position to give and receive such a powerful exchange is extraordinary. This is truly a gift of life. Please share your stories so that they can live on!

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