Spring Forward

Spring forward

Entering into daylight savings time as we anticipate the arrival of Spring generates hopefulness.

Even before the weather settles down, we get to experience a period of extended light in the form of longer days. The reminder to set our clocks an hour ahead captured in the expression, “spring forward,” elicits a sense of joyfulness.

The transition from darkness to light, from cold to warmth, from gray to a rainbow of greens and yellows, purples and pinks as colorful trees and flowers burst into bloom puts a spring in our step and visions of wonderful things to come in our heads. The change of season always remind me that everything changes. Nothing remains static. We are always moving, changing, given an opportunity to grow.

No season displays this transition more beautifully and often more chaotically than spring. We love the newness of things, relationships. The newness of feeling love and joy, excitement and the prospects that await us as we embark into the unexplored. College students anticipate the fun they’ll have on spring break. Easter brings its symbols of resurrection both religious and those from Mother Nature.

Spring Cleaning

We also think about cleaning our homes at this time of year. We pull out the bright table settings and the lighter bedding. We go through closets and drawers getting rid of things we no longer wear and storing winter clothes. Our wardrobe begins to reflect the colors of spring.

So, now I ask, what about your mind? This is a great time to review where you feel stuck in old beliefs that may no longer serve you or others in your life. Perhaps it’s time to explore some new ways of looking at life.

A Time To Explore

Sometimes when I hear someone say, “Spring forward,” if feels like a command to look at areas of your life where you may be holding back. Is it time to explore a career move, a deepening relationship? Perhaps some relationships will be best served by allowing them to end. Is it time to learn a new skill or add to your knowledge base in your given field of endeavor?

Life is forever changing. In fact, if things are not changing there’s something amiss. It might be time to shake things up a little bit in order to start growing again. Perhaps an inspiring new book will get the energy moving again or a new hobby. It’s certainly the time to get out of doors again and into nature: A daily walk, run or bicycle ride in the fresh spring air could be just what will make your soul sing!

Spring forward is nothing short of a loving command in that it is active and joyful.

Love truly is the feeling of springtime. Mother Earth is waking up from the long winter. The warm sun penetrates the dark earth and the seeds begin to move and stretch and crack the hard shells and start feeling their way to the earth’s surface to bathe in the direct sunlight. We humans, while above the earth’s crust, are equally drawn out of the darkness and into the light. Enjoy!

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