Inspirational Storyteller, Speaker, Best-selling Author and Coach, Nina Kelly Proposes Changing The Story About The Excitement Of New Beginnings


Inspiring storyteller, writer and speaker, Dr. Nina Kelly creates a new story for readers to tell themselves when they begin something new and run into boredom or frustration before they reach their desired outcomes.

New Orleans, LA – July 3, 2019 – Dr. Nina M. Kelly, Inspirational Storyteller, Coach, Author and Co-Author of The Big Question with Larry King, and Success Mastery and Success Breakthroughs with Jack Canfield, recently posted a new article on her website entitled, “The In-Between Times,” in which Dr. Kelly offers a shift in perspective to keep excitement alive.

Dr. Kelly states, “If you are at all like me, I bet you love starting something new.” You get inspired to begin something and you feel charged up and raring to go!” She continues, “I’ve discovered in my work that we humans tend to love new beginnings. And, we also love getting to the finish line. But the in-between? Oh no. That’s the part we are not so fond of.”

“Now,” says Dr. Kelly as she proposes, “what if you could change your mind about the middle part and were to get excited to move beyond the beginning to the middle?” She asks, “What if you could convince yourself that this is where it starts to get really good, really juicy?” She surmises, “That just might help you continue to build momentum and stay highly motivated.”

According to Dr. Kelly, “Many people begin new projects, new diets, new jobs and launch into their adult lives at this time of year.” She elaborates, “College graduates are just stepping into their lives. Many may have secured jobs and are excited about getting started. And, let me not forget that wedding season is coming up and many couples are getting ready to start their lives together and build families. Now, that is one endeavor that requires long-term momentum and motivation! Marriage is pretty much all about the middle part.”

“New beginnings make us forget that most of our lives are about the challenging in-between times,” Dr. Kelly writes. She adds, “It is how we go about the daily small tasks that take us to our goals.” As a for instance, she writes, “If we are starting a diet for instance, we are gung-ho for a few days, maybe a week. Then slowly, boredom starts to set in. We start to focus on the tedium of the diet. We decide we’re not losing weight fast enough. We lose sight of why we started the diet. And we totally lose touch with the end result we wanted to achieve.”

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About Dr. Nina M. Kelly

Nina M. Kelly is a mythologist with an emphasis in depth psychology, storyteller, author, humanitarian, and cultural and arts activist. She also is an Archetypal Pattern Analyst and Dream Pattern Analyst. Nina’s sense of adventure has always been sparked through learning more about people and their cultures. Believing that if you understand a person’s culture, stories, myths, and rituals, then you more readily open your world to greater compassion.

Her passion for the art of healing through stories brought her to the place of writing Grace Has A Silent Voice where she honors the silent heroes and the resilience of the human spirit. Working with death and dying patients she acquired a tremendous respect for the proper honoring of story. In her book she acknowledged the silent heroes that walk into our life for a moment then quickly disappear. This inevitably leaves an imprint that continues to remind us there is beauty in humanity.

Nina’s doctorate is from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Mythological Studies and Emphasis on Depth Psychology, her dissertation research was completed through Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dissertation: Myth Making and Modern Medicine, A Case of Kidney Transplantation. Her research work included reducing the rejection episodes post-transplant implementing the power of stories and images. She published The Lost Heritage in Psychology at the Threshold.

In addition to The Big Question, co-authored with Larry King, other publications by Dr. Kelly include: Success Mastery and Success Breakthroughs, both co-authored with Jack Canfield, Leo Learns A Lesson, Psychology at the Threshold, and Crossing Borders: An Archetypal Exploration in Times of Transition.

Nina has also been actively involved in film production serving as Executive Producer on Dandelion, A New Leash on Life – K9 for Warriors and Larry King – A Celebrated Life.

Nina is also an Archetypal Pattern Analyst and Dream Pattern Analyst where she completed her studies from Assisi International Institute and published Weaving Story Into The Web.

Nina served as an executive film producer for the short film \”Dandelion.\” The film won the judge’s award and has shown at several film festivals. She has also served as president of the New Orleans Opera Association, Vice President of the Shreveport Opera Association, president of Southern Repertory Theatre, Chair for Loyola University School of Music Visiting Committee, president and CEO of the Children’s Bureau, publishing the history of the Children’s Bureau, Saving Wednesday’s Child (authored by Mark Cave) and authoring the introduction and acknowledgements. Throughout her tenure, she has served on numerous non-profits boards.

Nina continues to challenge us through the inspiration and motivation of storytelling. She continues to believe that the artform of storytelling and story sharing originate from the heart of everyone searching for expression thus healing both listener and teller.

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