Slow Down To Savor The Togetherness Of The Season


I hope that you are appreciating the joys of the Thanksgiving season.

In this season of Thanksgiving, in our society, we express our gratitude for the fruits of our labors and spend time sharing with those we love and with whom we have enduring relationships. As temperatures get lower and nights become longer, we prepare for the still of winter and the final days leading up to another year’s ending.

This Season Most Evokes An Earlier Age

Even for those of us who don’t happen to live at the northernmost edge of the northern hemisphere, our thoughts naturally turn from outward activities to inward pondering. To me, this season evokes memories of pastoral times and the activities associated with country life when everything moved at a slower pace more than any other season. The ‘putting up’ of the season’s harvest to provide food through the dead of winter. The warmth of soups and stews bubbling on the stove, the aroma of spiced fruits bubbling in buttery crusts baking in the oven. The warmth of togetherness at this time of year is so firmly knitted into our collective consciousness as to be iconic.

Get Cozy

In many countries where the sun never rises above the horizon in winter, people enjoy the season by doing things they can only do this time of year. They get cozy! They light candles and curl up under fluffy blankets by the fire and sip hot chocolate and tea. They bundle up and go out to ski or take walks in the beautiful lighting that is like a daylong sunrise or sunset. Candlelight and cups of tea, long walks on a cold day or night properly bundled up are cozy ways to spend the season that is right on the heels of Thanksgiving. It’s nice to contemplate slowing down.

May You Linger Longer Than A Nano Second This Thanksgiving

As I was browsing the Internet for inspiration for this month’s article, I came upon a website talking about Thanksgiving and its Historical Antecedents at, which posted a poem from a poet I’d never heard of before, Stella Craft Tremble. Her poem entitled Thanksgiving Time, beautifully speaks to the notion of the season so deeply engrained in my mind. I share it that you may carry some of its imagery and heartfelt emotions into the sharing season with your loved ones. Perhaps you’ll be able to linger a little longer over the table with friends and the day may slow down in this age where months fly by like Nano seconds.

Thanksgiving Time

The autumn season finishes the year,
Hangs harvest moon in a cooler atmosphere.
Grain ripens: wheat and oats leap into shocks,
We hasten toward the year\’s last equinox!
Now winter hides behind a northern sky,
Floats in each wavering wind that flurries by.
Thanksgiving time, corn hurries toward the barn,
As ice forms isles on meadow brook and tarn.
At borderland of every fertile field,
Marauding crows peck at remaining yield
Of grain, dropped by machine or man, unseen…
They chatter as they sweep the furrows clean.
Apples, like small red worlds, plunge down the night
On orchards, in mounds beautiful and bright.
Fall changes little as the years swing by,
The prairie folk are glad…and so am I!
For every single blessing gives a reason
That we rejoice at this Thanksgiving season!

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