Following Mother Nature’s Cues For Contemplating Life’s Mysteries


Have you ever noticed how autumn leaves rustle a changing tune in even the slightest fall breeze?

Then, slowly, the leaves lose their color and their grip on the trees, thus filling the air with cascades of colorful shapes as they thickly carpet the earth. And the daytime temperatures have a hard time stretching up into the 70’s.

All these signs are the first indicators that it’s time to gear up for the festivities and fun of the Fall season starting with Halloween. Some people will also turn their thoughts to dearly departed loved ones on The Day of The Dead and All Soul’s Day, both of which are held right after Halloween in early November.

Whether you celebrate or even acknowledge any of these holy and holidays, you know that the chill and still of winter is on its way.

Even as a multitude of outdoor events occur during this lovely fall season, we know it will soon be time to turn within and contemplate the deeper aspects of our lives and our nature as the winds of change get stronger. We take our cues from Mother Nature as she settles deep within so silently that many things appear lifeless.

Winter, throughout nature, is akin to a period of meditation.

It is a perfect time for us humans to also engage in deep thinking. Whether we are involved in studies, career moves, family dynamics, spiritual quagmires or health and wellness issues, we each have burning questions the answers to which always seem slightly out of reach. A designated period of reflection often helps our individual mysteries unfold. And the winter months are often a time of retreat in spiritual practices and orders. Perhaps it’s time for you to take a cue from Mother Nature too.

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