Leading Entrepreneurs & Professionals Reveal Their Secrets for Breaking Through to Success

There have been countless books written on Success. The word success implies a desirable outcome from someone’s actions.

As we know, success is the satisfaction we receive from attaining our goals. . . and most of us have different goals.

The methods used to attain goals are typically multi-faceted. They could be some combination of knowledge, inventing a product or developing a service, helping a cause that is near and dear to your heart, fame and fortune, or maybe coaching and guiding others to their goals in life. Then again, your success breakthrough may be in accomplishing something totally different that will serve others in good stead.

Note that in every case, success has a beginning and an end, and nothing starts without action. Thomas Edison’s quotation that he had not failed, but rather found 10,000 ways that didn’t work, serves to remind us that perseverance and action are two of the essential qualities needed for Success Breakthroughs. Then again, you can start with a goal in mind, but if you never finish, the unattained-goal is like yet another asteroid floating in space – matter without a home or meaning to us.

The CelebrityExperts® in this book have enjoyed their successes and learned from their failures. They have found a path to Success Breakthroughs. With guidance from them, you can pursue your own goal while using their experiences to light the way. They have a track record and, as Tony Robbins says: “...success leaves clues!”

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
~ Colin Powell


The World's Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal their Roadmap to Health, Wealth and Success

Enjoying a successful achievement is only the first stage in the desire to master success. The term Success Mastery conjures up the thought that an individual can enjoy a repeatable success at will – proving it was not an isolated incident, but predictably achieved.

Accepting that premise of Success Mastery, how can YOU go about mastering success? Success Mastery  can be achieved in numerous ways. Among the most logical approaches are: learning from personal experience or from others, from observation, or even from a needs-based mindset (necessity is the mother of invention). Whichever method we choose, it is a fundamental truism that learning from others who are successful will put us on a faster track to success than we can likely find on our own. This is where the authors in this book can help.

On your search for Success Mastery, hear what Jack Canfield adds on the critical element of focus:

Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take – to get them closer to the fulfillment of their goals – rather than on all the other distractions that life presents to them.

The Big Question

You have to be quick to beat Larry King to the punch with a question. His life and livelihood has been based on questions. He worked his way up as an unknown quantity from Brooklyn, NY to become one of the best-known interviewers of high-profile public figures in the world. He does not typically ask complex questions, but instead, he asks thoughtful and straightforward questions which reveal information that would be interesting and meaningful to his audience. His coverage of the media over the years has included radio, newspapers and TV.

Born to immigrant parents as Lawrence Leibel Harvey Zeiger, he started his media career with the stage name, Larry King. His story of working his way up the ladder of success is a classic one. He harnessed his passion and his needs to a workhorse mentality and overcame numerous obstacles on the way. And speaking of questions, he is joined in this book by a variety of other CelebrityExperts®️ who have climbed the ladder of achievement. They also have asked their own questions – and found the answers in order to accomplish their own goals.

Asking questions is an art that is learned from an early age to help us get what we want. As we get older, our questions become more difficult to answer and our goals harder to achieve. In order to succeed, we invariably find that our fastest solutions come from the guidance we get from those, like the CelebrityExperts®️ in this book who have already been there, by asking them the right questions. In your case, what is The Big Question?

Leo Learns About Life

Leo is a playful puppy who enjoys experiencing the world around him. Leo loves to laugh, play with his toys, and spend time with the people he loves. More importantly, he loves to discover new things! Luckily for Leo, it's a great, big world filled with all kinds of lessons to learn. Even better, he has a bunch of wonderful friends by his side to help him along the way!

Leo's friends teach him some important lessons that he'll use throughout his whole life. Come explore with Leo, and his friends, and discover all the wonderful things Leo learns (and you can too!) in Leo Learns About Life.

Grace Has A Silent Voice

Life often reveals itself in ways we would not choose. Yet in those devastating times, the resilience of the human spirit has the opportunity to shine. It is in those moments that Grace comes to weave the fabric we call life. Herein are the stories told in letters to my friend.

Saving Wednesday's Child

In February 1892, Alfred Clay mobilized an army of progressive-mindedcitizens of New Orleans to wage "war against all the enemies of little children." Patterned after child-advocacy movements in England and thenortheastern United States the group incorporated as The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (LSPCC), and saved thousands ofchildren from poverty, abuse, and delinquency. The work took the organization's staff into dismal shanties, overcrowded tenements, exploitiveoyster canneries and cotton mills, and sad drug cribs of Storyville. Among the LSPCC's many success stories was Louis Armstrong, who thrived at thewaif's home the society operated. Today the organization remains committed to children and operates under the names of the Children's Bureau of New Orleans

HoneyBee TreeHouse

“Do you know that the honey you eat begins with a dance?
But bees don’t just make honey. In this beautiful book children discover wondrous facts about these little creatures who we depend on for most of the food that keeps us healthy.”
- Sabiha Rumani Malik, founder, The World Bee Project

Abby is about to have the most magical summer ever. After leaving the city to spend a few weeks in her Grandmother's treehouse, Abby and her friends discover just how special nature can be when they make some unexpected friends-Bees!

Bees do so much for us, like making sure we have beautiful flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, and creating treats like honey. Adventure along with Abby at the HoneyBee TreeHouse as she learns about all the hard work bees do and why we need to help

Athena the Brave

Athena used to love going to the dog park, playing fetch and chasing birds. Then Brutus showed up and started bullying Athena and her friends.

That's ugly! You're a baby! You look funny!

With the Annual Olympus Park Dog Race coming up, it's up to Athena to raise everyone's spirits and help make the biggest event of the year the best one yet.

There's just one problem.

An even more vicious dog has other plans for the big day...

Athena the Brave follows the story of Athena, a white pomeranian, as she learns why our words matter and how to forgive and find friendship even in the most unexpected ways.