Nina M. Kelly, Ph. D is a mythologist, humanitarian, best selling author, cultural and arts activist, and a film producer. From a young age, Nina has always believed in the power of storytelling. She believes that if you understand a person’s culture, stories, myths, and ritual, then you will more readily open your world to greater empathy and compassion.

Nina accomplished her doctorate at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Mythological Studies with an emphasis on Depth Psychology, and her dissertation research was completed through Louisiana State University Medical Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nina’s dissertation was titled Myth Making and Modern Medicine, A Case of Kidney Transplantation. Her research work included reducing the rejection episodes post-transplant and implementing the power of stories and images.

Adding to her academic achievements, she received a certification to become an Archetypal Pattern Analyst and Dream Pattern Analyst from The Assisi International Institute.

Nina’s passion for the art of healing through stories inspired her first book Grace Has a Silent Voice which honors the silent heroes who have shown her the resilience of the human spirit. Working with death and dying patients, she acquired a tremendous respect for the proper honoring of story. In her book, she acknowledged the people who walk into our lives for a moment, then quickly disappear leaving behind an important lesson. Those lessons leave an imprint that continues to remind us that there is beauty in humanity.

Nina has additionally contributed to other publications including three Amazon best sellers and winners of Quilly awards: Success Mastery, and Success Breakthroughs, co-authored with Jack Canfield, and The Big Question co-authored with Larry King. Nina additionally wrote “Weaving Story Into The Web” during her time in The Assisi International Institute. She published “The Lost Heritage” in Psychology at The Threshold magazine. During her time working with the Children’s Bureau, Nina printed and wrote the introduction for Saving Wednesday’s Child by Mark Cave, a book about the history of the organization.

In addition to her writing career, Nina is also an accomplished executive film producer for various films. She was an executive producer for the short film Dandelion which won the judges award in numerous film festivals. Additionally, she has executively produced the documentaries Larry King: The Voice of a Generation; A New Leash on Life, The K9’s For Warriors Story, winner of four Emmys; and Freedom Is Not Free: Folds of Honor.

Nina has held many leadership roles throughout her career including serving as President of the New Orleans Opera Association, President of Southern Repertory Theatre, Chair for Loyola University School of Music Visiting Committee, and President and CEO of the Children’s Bureau. Throughout her lifetime, she has additionally served on numerous non-profits boards.

Nina has achieved many awards and honors for her work and contributions such as the following:

1984 Outstanding Achievement Award from Southwestern Louisiana Education and Referral Center
1984 Who’s Who South and Southwest
1999 Representative for the New Orleans Mayor Office in Europe for Southern Repertory Theatre
2002 Achievement Award for the City of New Orleans
2003 Proclamation from the City of New Orleans – Achievement of World Premiere, Pontalba
2015 VIP Woman of the Year for the National Association of Professional Women
Continental Who’s Who – Recognition of Excellence
2019 Recognized by Round Table Magazine
2019 America’s Most Influential Women – International Association of Who’s Who
2019 Diamond Award from Carrington Publishers
2019 Professional of the Year – Top 100 Registry
2019 Woman of the Year – Top 100 Registry
2020 Professional Recognition – Specialty Regional Consultant